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" i now understand why everyone's been giving five stars !

more businesses should take a cue from Ben's customer service "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/17/2011-Jose V.
Sacremento, CA

" I can't believe I'm giving out a five star review but Ben definitely deserves it. Although he was busy and couldn't help me out he spent 10 minutes on the phone with me. Besides giving me free help, Ben told me to send him pictures of the problem so he could walk me through my problem.

Service this good deserves deserves five stars. "

Rating: 5 Stars 3/31/2011-Jay S.
Fremont, CA

" This guy Ben has the right idea about a business. Friendly, courteous, knows his profession, and price is very reasonable. You get the feeling he takes his job seriously and with pride. He answers all questions you have, and looks to give you the most appropriate options based on your needs. He doesn't try to up sell you on any junk, just kind of tells it to you straight. I can see why a lot of folks give him 5 stars, and I will too.

Ben, thank you for changing my locks and being very responsive. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I passed your contact information to the people we discussed earlier. I hope they generate business for you as well. Good people and good business professionals like Ben should be supported. I'm happy to write a good review for you. I'm putting you into my cell phone in case I ever need keys again.

Ken "

Rating: 5 Stars 3/2/2011-Big K.
Santa Clara, CA

" Locked myself out of my car and started the search for a locksmith. In moments like this, ya just want someone you feel you can trust and won't tear up your car. We eventually found Ben and he really is all 5 stars. He told us 30 minutes eta. After a short while he called to update his eta was 14 minutes. He had even updated his yelp page today (memorial day) for $10 off coupon. We'd noticed it but didn't want to say anything. But when he got here, he immediately introduced himself and shook our hands. As he began his work, *he* remembered his discount and reminded *us*!! He did the work quickly and of course not a scratch on my car. Thanks Ben! "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/30/2011-kate w.
Oakland, CA

" Ben was outstanding! - He said he'll be there in 30 minutes and he was. He got my nephews keys out of his car in 5 minutes flat. Great job Ben - Thanks! "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/30/2011-Shawn P.
Fremont, CA

" Locked out of my car on a holiday weekend - Ben arrived promptly and resolved my snafu.  Courteous and quick - couldn't ask for more. "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/22/2011-Robert H.
San Leandro, CA

" Ben is just plain super. He knows what he's doing and charges reasonable prices. I'd recommend him to anyone! "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/23/2011-Laurie Anne B.
San Francisco, CA

" This was my first experience with a locksmith, but I felt very at ease. Ben is super friendly and professional. If you need a locksmith he's your guy! He was flexible with his schedule to get the job done quickly which I REALLY appreciate. Top notch service! "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/11/2011-Christine G
San Ramon, CA

" I called Ben at Green Keys to come and unlock a file cabinet at my work. He not only took my call right away, but scheduled me in as quick as he could. He showed up on time and worked his magic! He did exactly as I asked in not only unlocking it, but removing the lock from the cabinet all together. He charged me (the company rather) only the minimum, but we would have gladly paid more for this service! I highly recommend! "

Rating: 5 Stars 4/27/2011-corina o.
East Bay, CA

" Ben does keys for my family and everyone in my family would refer Ben if you said you needed to get some keys made. "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/9/2011-Joaquin F.
Fremont, CA

" This is the first time I'm writing review for any service. Ben defiantly deserved 5* , immediately available on Friday Night WOW.. Top Five Qualities

1. Friendly
2. Open
3. Courteous
4. Affordable
5. Fast

Thanks Ben for your assistance. "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/6/2011-Bikramjit S.
Fremont, CA

" Very nice knowledgeable young man  named Ben is the owner. I just had a key made but he took the time to answer my other locksmithing and car questions. What a nice experience to talk to someone who cares about and knows his skill, this was so much better than going to Walmart. "

Rating: 5 Stars 4/2/2011-Susan Y.
Fremont, CA

" Ben knows how to get through a lock, he knows how to make a key, but that isn't what sets he and GreenKeys apart, and it's not what has me writing this review.  The service you'll get from GreenKeys is exceptional.  Ben was patient, helpful and kind... on a Friday night at 2am.  Bay Area, this is the guy to call.  This is the kind of business that deserves your support.  I'm so glad I found the other glowing reviews here and gave him a try.  Everyone is right, listen to the yelpers, follow their stars.  Call Ben at GreenKeys. "

Rating: 5 Stars 4/9/2011-Caitlin G.
San Francisco, CA

" Calling a locksmith is usually one of my most dreaded experiences, but not anymore. With Green Keys, you are going to be helped by the owner of the company Ben. Not only is he an extremely friendly and trustworthy guy, you also know he is fully invested in every job. Highly recommended for ANY locksmith needs. Oh not to mention Ben knows exactly what he is doing for an amazing price! "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/11/2011-Caysen R.
Oakland, CA

" The scary thing about locksmiths is that you never know who will show up. Once, I was locked outside my house and I randomly called someone from the yellow pages. The guy wind up kicking down my door because he can't unlock my door and charged me $200 for my trouble....... I called a locksmith, not the SWAT team thanks you. 

With GreenKey, you can expect nothing but top notch professional and friendly service. Ben is fast, skilled, and just a cool guy. He even found some customized keys (Logo of my favorite hockey team) for my house. He will take the time to understand your needs and give you a honest professional assessment of what is needed for your locking needs, as well as getting you out of frustrating lockout situations. 

Most importantly tho, he's reputable. He lives/grew up in the bay area, and has his shop in Newark. He would be the one doing the job, not some random guy off the streets. 

To no surprise, he gets the coveted 5 star. Keep up the good work Ben! "

Rating: 5 Stars 12/8/2010-Andrew H.
Fremont, CA

" Ben is a perfect mix of skills, professionalism, and personality. 
I recently moved into a new home and needed to have the locks changed. So I looked around Yelp and saw GreenKeys and all the 5 stars reviews. I called Ben up and got an estimate, at first I thought his service charge was a little steep, since it's based on travel distance, and Walnut Creek is a long way from Newark. But judging from the reviews, what the heck. 
I gotta tell ya, he's worth every dollar. Not only is he very good at what he does, he's very courteous and takes the time to do the job right. He even takes his shoes off every time he steps into the house because I requested it. When he finished the job I originally asked him to do, he noticed there were some things wrong with my door jamb and frame, he offered to fix those for free, out of courtesy. I highly recommend GreenKeys for your locks and door needs. 1 tip though, if whatever you need is not an emergency, ask Ben to give you a heads up next time he's out around your location, that way, you can save on service charge because of the distance. "

Rating: 5 Stars 5/10/2011-ChingI S.
Walnut Creek CA

" Ben is the "go to" guy for all your security locks, etc.  Having just purchased a new home he set me up with new locks to all my security doors with 1 key access, gave expert advice and had a great attitude about his work.  He's a very hardworking individual and his setup is totally mobile to get the job done.  Look no further for a locksmith, GreenKeys is the one! "

Rating: 5 Stars 3/7/2011-Caesar M.
Oakland, CA

" Benjamin is a very personable, good natured professional locksmith. Changing locks and redoing keys doesn't  have to be an unpleasant experience and Ben just about ensures that. He takes pride in his professionalism and takes lotsa interest in answering any questions.
He even replaced a couple of parts that were getting old that we would never have thought about. We had a very satisfactory experience and would recommend him to everyone. "

Rating: 5 Stars 12/21/2010-Ajay P.
Fremont, CA

" Ben was great!  He spent 15 minutes on the phone with me talking me through all the different lock options for our new home before I even committed to hiring him.  I decided to hire him, and he not only deconstructed and repaired our antique locks on our doors, but he modernized the deadbolt security, and was resourceful enough to quickly (in 20 minutes) find parts he didn't have for our unique circumstance.   Service was above and beyond, results were better than we could have hoped for, and pricing was very reasonable.  Definitely recommend. "

Rating: 5 Stars 4/19/2011-Holly F.
Oakland, CA

" After finding a twig wedged into our mailbox lock, and then discovering I couldn't get it out or get my key in to get the mail, I was extremely discouraged.  I started my search of how I could possible get it fixed.  

First, I called the post office, but they said the boxes were the complex's.  A call to the complex proved that wasn't true, and a second call to the post office revealed that even if the boxes were theirs, they no longer provide the service to help get the twig out.  GREAT.

My next call was to a local locksmith, who said they couldn't get there after business hours, which is bad for me, since I work, you know, during business hours.  He also told me that if they were to come out and get it out of the lock, it would be about $100.  Yikes.  

Luckily, I consulted Yelp and made one final call--to Ben from GreenKeys.  He was so friendly on the phone and was very willing to work with my schedule.  He also sounded positive about getting the debris out, which I really appreciated.  He arrived the next day, toolbox in hand and went to work on the mailbox.  In about 10 mins, he had checked it out, dug the twig out, greased the lock and viola, the box swung open.  To say I felt relief is an understatement.  Since it was so quick, and the front door needed to re-keyed, Ben worked on that as well.

GreenKeys is friendly, fast, convenient service at a great price.  I would absolutely call Ben again and would recommend to anyone in need of any kind of locksmith service. "

Rating: 5 Stars 9/30/2010-Lindsay W.
Fremont, CA

" Ben, of GreenKeys Locksmith, is one of the most upstanding and respectable persons in the business.  He is fast, skilled, and actually quotes significantly less than his competitors.  And we're not just talking simple locks and keys here.  Ben's passion extends to multi-sensor security systems, electronic locks, and other James-Bondish gear.  

I tend to be forgetful with my keys, especially when it comes to remembering to take my car keys with me when I exit my vehicle.  Thus, I've dealt with several locksmiths, from major groups like AAA, to small family owned locksmiths.  Usually, they manage to get into my truck in anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  

Ben only took 15.

I will use GreenKeys when I buy my own house, I will use GreenKeys if I own a business.  And if I ever make it to The White House, Ben will be re-keying all of my doors.  

He's just that good. "

Rating: 5 Stars 9/16/2010-Carl F.
Fremont, CA

" Ben is awesome!  He has helped us on two occasions.  First visit, he showed up on time, and with a great attitude.  Changed multiple locks at our new home and made sure everything was tip-top before leaving.  There was one part he didn't have on hand... he ordered and was back in a few days as promised with the part (again on time and with a smile).  When he returned, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help us with an air gap under our front door among other things.  While he claimed it was not his specialty, he battled and helped to resolve the issue just the same.  We are now buttoned up and air draft free  :-) "

Rating: 5 Stars 2/9/2011-Yolissa B.
Fremont, CA

" Each door of my 3 storage units requires a padlock.  So naturally, when I got there today, I reached FOR MY HOUSE KEY and OPENED ALL THE LOCKS, then organized happily for a few hours.

That's right yelpers.  Read that again.  MY HOUSE KEY!!!

GreenKeys can get you padlocks that may operate with your existing keys, and even masterkey them!  For instance, you can allow an associate access to one storage but not another, while your unique key opens both.  This also works at home (kid's rooms / garage / side gate... for maids / baby sitters / relatives);  in your office, storage, or rental properties;  and possibly all of them together (consult him on that).

Ben has helped me develop a personalized masterkey system so now my keychain is 11 keys smaller and much lighter.  This week,  we're making a simple expansion to my system.  Simplify your life, it's worth the investment. "

Rating: 5 Stars 8/1/2010-Matias D.
San Francisco, CA

" Benjamin operates with honesty and integrity. It's refreshing to have someone advocating for the customer for once and not trying to upsell or extort!

Thank you Benjamin, for a smooth and professional re-keying of our home. You are highly recommended! "

Rating: 5 Stars 3/15/2011-Chris M.
San Jose, CA

" Ben re-keyed two doors for us and it was a very pleasant experience which was an unexpected but welcome surprise. Having to call a locksmith often feels like a toothache and stomachache at once because of the potential to be scammed with high costs and who knows who might show up? With GreenKeys, none of these are a worry.

Ben's pricing is very reasonable and he is a personable, straightforward professional. He made sure each of the keys he made for us worked and when one lock stuck a bit, he removed the parts he just installed to fix the issue. Great service and one we will be recommending to friends and family! "

Rating: 5 Stars 1/5/2011-Tiffany L.
Saratoga, CA

" As a young Entrepreneur myself it give me great pleasure to see a young honest man working hard to make a mark. I wanted to change my business front door lock from single cylinder to double cylinder and working with Ben was easy and pleasant. Young man is polite, enterprising and very knowledgeable. He is prompt and trustworthy. He also helped me with my exit door lever ( By the way I got a good price on that :-)) and his workmanship and service was excellent. 

I highly recommend him and wish him good luck!! "

Rating: 5 Stars 9/7/2010-Mukul K.
Union City, CA

" Ben kicks ass!  I lost my key to my Thule snowboard rack on the way out of town.  Ben met up with me at the last minute and was able to get a set of keys for the rack in 20 minutes.  Awesome awesome friendly guy.  Thanks a lot man!  If I'm ever in the area I owe you a beer "

Rating: 5 Stars 1/13/2011-Chris S.
Sacramento, CA

" Green Keys is awesome! Ben came to my house and fixed me a key after the hardware store messed up my copy. Quick and with an awesome price! "

Rating: 5 Stars 2/13/2011-Chris H.
Union City , CA

" Impressed! I am not big on yelp or writing good or bad reviews..but this guy truly deserves a high five. Ben quoted a price on the phone, agreed to a lower price on asking and charged even lower. He gave me a quick training on how to pick it myself next time and also left the tool behind. I was like hnh! are you serious:)? Who does that in today's world? 

Honestly, he is an honest and happy person. I have a lockout situation often times in a year and will be sure to use Ben's help again. I highly recommend him. "

Rating: 5 Stars 2/14/2011-Neena S.
Fremont, CA

" 10PM.  Ben.  Re-keying locks on a Friday night.  Awesome service. "

Rating: 5 Stars 4/1/2011-D W.
Ventura, CA

" I met Ben and you can just tell right away that he is a trust worthy, down to earth kind of guy.  Just want you want with a lock smith. Trust is important!  Now I have someone who can handle a sensitive issue like the security of my home or office and that is  Greenkeys locksmith and Ben. "

Rating: 5 Stars 12/9/2010-Rich S.
Fremont, CA

" I called Ben and he was in the area, stopped on in 5 minutes later. Friendly and fast service! Thank you!! "

Rating: 5 Stars 11/29/2010- Sharon w.
Fremont, CA

" 5 Stars all the way! 

Ben is knowledgeable, personable, reliable, competitively priced, punctual, professional, flexible, strong work ethic... I think you get my point that he not only met all of my expectations, but he exceeded them! Highly recommended.

Again, 5 stars all the way! 

Robert S. in Newark "

Rating: 5 Stars 6/28/2010- Robert S.
Newark, CA

" Ben did a great job re-keying our house, love those green keys!, after our remodel.  

He is personable, professional, and his prices are great.

Excellent local business owner.  Highly recommend. "

Rating: 5 Stars 7/25/2010- Maggie P.
Woodside, CA

" Ben is a true professional who will accommodate for your needs. I needed him to cut keys for me that state "DO NOT DUPLICATE" and he did it with ease. Apparently mailbox keys are unavailable with the "DO NOT DUPLICATE" logo but offered a valid solution for this. The fact that he's willing to go out of his way demonstrates that he is a true professional and respects his customers. Good Luck Ben "

Rating: 5 Stars 9/26/2010- Nico P.
Newark, CA

" Ok I liked Ben's professionalism and passion towards locks.
Good service and great job. Keep it up. I will definitely recommend. "

Rating: 5 Stars 9/24/2010- Anagha J.
Fremont, CA

" Ben was great! He was very professional, came on the same day  and was right on time (even a little bit early). He changed the lock for my back glass door and the core match my front door so I can use the same key. He was very efficient with his time and just a friendly person you can trust. I am not sure about you, but trust is something I value; especially in a locksmith. "

Rating: 5 Stars 2/4/2011- Emmanuel L.
Oakland, CA

" My 5 star review is not an accident.

Trust all the superlatives in the other reviews. Benjamin put customer service as #1. He went out of his way to give me an appointment that was more convenient for me, not him. 

He showed up on time, did the work quickly and thoroughly and then even better. The charge was reasonable and less than the estimate over the phone.

As far as I am concerned, there is no reason to use another locksmith. A very good one is called GreenKeys." "

Rating: 5 Stars 12/2/2010- Tom H.
Union City, CA

" Benjamin (owner/operator) of GreenKeys is great.  He modified a lock to accept a cylinder/key, exactly what I wanted.  Thanks for a timely response, honest appraisal, and professional workmanship.  What a nice young man he is and he drives a real cool truck. "

Rating: 5 Stars 2/16/2011- Randy T.
Fremont, CA

" What a relief to find a locksmith that you can rely on! Ben is great. I had to change the front door and have a lock box so that my contractors can come without me being there to open the door. He suggested several options to choose from, and then he went through the items for the overall cost before he started his work (surprisingly, some locksmiths don't even do that). And yes, he actually gives out green keys! It was the most pleasant exeperience that I've had with a locksmith. "

Rating: 5 Stars 2/14/2011- Young L.
Newark, CA

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